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There are only two types of events; boring ones and awesome ones.

We don't do boring.

The Experience

"Halfway through they came out of nowhere, rocked the crowd till the finale, then boom! Confetti everywhere! All I could do was stand and applaud. Unbelievable"

-NYE 2010 @ Clarke Quay

Never boring, always exciting. We understand our role is to cause, create, initiate, and bring your event to life. Whether you are presenting a large corporate gala or a private function, we will be there to move people.

Our idea of the perfect event is one that everyone in attendance experiences music and energy unique enough to share with others. We place ourselves in the chairs of the audience to experience our energy and that’s the most important vantage point.

It’s the sharing of experiences that keeps our clients coming back for more. What have you been missing?

About Us

"The enthusiastic showmanship from the performers were infectious, compelling the crowd to cheer and clap even louder."

SAMBIESTA is a Singapore-based percussion band with an Afro- Brazilian set up (commonly referred to as Samba). Incepted in 2007, the 25-strong percussion outfit specializes in fusing modern funk, drum and bass and other unique beats with the traditionally ethnic Afro-Brazilian rhythms (samba, reggae, Bahian funk, afoxe). Purely percussive as a standalone band, Sambiesta features an army of drums that consists of surdos, caixas, repinique, tamborims, agogo bells, chocalhos, congas, djembes and timbals.

The possibilities of what one can do with drums and percussion are endless. With this in mind, SAMBIESTA strives to conitnue making waves – both locally and on the international stage.

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